Learn how to manage an intellectually diverse work group and their environment to produce more and better ideas that encourage innovation when developing products and work processes. In this topic, you'll learn how to combine different approaches and sets of expertise to build a diverse team or enhance an existing one, establish ground rules for creative brainstorming, and use tools that can help you resolve conflicts to get the most out of your team. Part of your job as a manager is to foster new ideas. But how do you assemble a team with the right mix of skills and perspectives to promote creativity?


During this live webinar you will learn how to:

  • Recognise your own cognitive preferences as well as those of your team 
  • Assess how creativity is supported in your work environment 
  • Design teams to increase their creative potential and channel conflict towards productive purposes 
  • Alter attitudes, group norms, and physical surroundings in ways that improve the likelihood of innovative results

Attendance comes with a comprehensive resource pack, including:

  • Customisable slide-deck for internal use
  • Questionnaires to measure understanding and engagement
  • Reading list with selective book reviews

Time to implement the lessons learned during the webinar.