10/10 online

The 10 Actions of Effective Leaders with international leadership expert William Montgomery

Leadership expert William Montgomery shares the essential skills necessary to bridge the gap between you and the most successful people in the world in The 10 Actions of Effective Leaders. Over 10 weeks [or months if you prefer], William will give you the same life-changing strategies that he has provided to business executives, military commanders, and world leaders.


You have the potential. You have the desire. Now master the skills.

Learn the strategies and systems applied by the most successful leaders in companies and countries around the globe.

Acquire the tools that have led to William’s success and acquire tools that only a select few have been privileged to use before today.

Gain access to daily practices that will change how you think so you can change you, your team and your organisation.

Develop life-changing leadership skills

Rise above average by developing uncommon thinking.

Gain focus that will transform the way you work and live.

Learn a proven practice to take any idea and make it better.

Recognise the opportunities that others miss.

Move your thinking from selfish to significant.

Discover the missing piece that will give you the greatest return on your investment.

... and so much more in this 10-part mentoring programmme with the UK’s most sought-after leadership expert.

The strategies to lead like effective people

William is excited to share the wisdom, advice and discoveries based on 20-plus years of being mentored and mentoring others - now distilled into an all-inclusive programme just for you.

Accessible and easy to follow curriculum

You’ll receive a new module each week, along with detailed slides, co-ordinating audio and video programs, and a workbook to help you take immediate action on what you’ve learned. Download the programmme to any device and enjoy lifetime access.

What you'll get

10-part audio and video mentorship modules.

William mentors you in the powerful strategies of successful thinking during each progressive module. Gain access to a new module each month that can be downloaded to any device as video or audio. In these sessions, William distills over 10 years of the best systems, tools and daily methods to change the way you think so you can become more productive, creative and successful.

10-part progressive workbook.

Apply what you learn right away using the workbook that accompanies every module. As you discover each new practice, incorporate your workbook to enhance your retention and create a written record of William’s exclusive ideas and advice. Keep your completed workbook as an invaluable reference and a constant refresher course of your new thinking skills.

10-part book and movie review.

To accompany each module there will be a supporting book to read and movie to watch. William will provide details of the leadership lessons from each.

Who will benefit from 10/10 [online]?

Leaders who want to create a legacy of success for their team.

Entrepreneurs who want to refine and improve on their essential success skills.

Professionals who are eager to build a satisfying and progressing career.

Students who want to create a foundation to build a successful life.

Parents who want their children to be successful in their own right.

About William Montgomery

William is a leadership expert with first class credentials. The former Bletchley Park code-breaker, navigating officer of HMS Ark Royal and Head of Strategic Change at Lloyds TSB now heads up TEN, the international leadership consultancy. He helps release potential to maximise profit through the creation of a success culture for start-up entrepreneurs to global organisations. William is retained by some of the world’s most respected organisations in the areas of business, media and sport. He has chaired and addressed conferences in the private and public sectors where his messages are practical, and presented with electrifying effect.

Register for 10/10 [live and online]

10/10 [live and online] is available now for just £95 per lesson, or £495 for the entire programme if paid in full on enrollment. The full enrolment fee benefits from 67% government funding that has been pre-approved.

William's personal principle is to always exceed expectations. He is so proud of this programme that he is offering a 100% guarantee. William believes that once you invest in this course, engage in the modules and complete the workbook, you will be nothing short of delighted.

If you purchase this programme and are willing to do the work and apply what you learn, you will be able to lead your way to the top. However, if you're not satisfied after the first month simply return your completed workbook for a 100% refund of your investment. William is betting on you to bet on yourself. You have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.

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