How to give effective feedback

Does the phrase “performance review” give you the jitters? Do the jitters increase when you’re the one giving the review? Many managers and executives find it easier to give lip service to the importance of job-performance feedback than to actually critique, praise, or advise their direct reports.

Feedback on job performance is essential to success at every level. However, getting and receiving valuable feedback - never an easy task - has been complicated by contemporary business trends. The churning, project-based 21st-century workplace has made it harder to form the kind of long-term, trusting relationships that make criticism easier to swallow. Boundaryless careers and the rapid pace of change in many industries can make it hard to set performance metrics. Globalisation and diversity mean that workers may have cognitive biases or different communication styles that complicate efforts to give accurate feedback. A quick-changing, low-loyalty work environment makes valuable performance feedback both more necessary, and more difficult, to give and receive.

This interactive webinar with William Montgomery, founder of and special adviser to the UK government on national wellbeing, will make the case for feedback as an ongoing practice, examine the factors that can make giving feedback difficult, and offer a guide for both givers and recipients of feedback.

This webinar is offered at a special price of £20 in celebration of 2024 being our 20th year.



Feedback is essential to psychological wellbeing and invaluable to job performance and professional development. Feedback is also inevitable - the social human brain can interpret nearly any interaction as referring to one’s own behaviour - and hence, should be intentional. Giving and receiving feedback, though it may feel uncomfortable, is a lifetime skill to develop and hone.

This webinar will cover:

  • Why feedback matters [why giving good feedback is so difficult and risky; what makes feedback moments effective]
  • What is effective feedback? [different kinds of feedback]
  • Who gives and receives it [giver, recipient]
  • Where it happens [corporate culture, national culture]
  • How to run a session [before, during and after]

Attendance comes with a comprehensive resource pack, including:

  • Customisable slide-deck for internal use
  • Questionnaires to measure understanding and engagement
  • Reading list with selective book reviews

Time to implement the lessons learned during the webinar.

10 June 2024
£20.00 + VAT

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10 June 2024 - 12:00

10 June 2024 - 13:00

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