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How to turn your employees into company advocates

Loyal, passionate employees benefit a company as much as dedicated customers. They stay longer, work more creatively, and go the extra mile. So how do you turn employees into advocates for your company and its work? Throw out the annual... read more

Leadership Tip

How to handle a colleague you dislike

Working with a difficult person can be distracting and draining. Next time a colleague irritates you to no end, try these three things: Manage your reaction. If someone annoys you, don't focus on their behaviour. Focus on how you react, which... read more

Leadership Tip

How to keep cool when receiving feedback

No one likes to hear that they aren't performing well. Yet, everyone can improve. Next time you receive constructive feedback, do these three things: Relax into it. It's understandable to be nervous during a feedback session. The other person... read more

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