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How to help your team through times of crisis

National tragedies - mass shootings, hurricanes, suicide bombers - affect us all. A leader sets the emotional tone and the example both in good times and, perhaps more important, in bad. As a manager, how do you help people deal with their... read more

Leadership Tip

How to get over your resistance to having difficult conversations

You can’t be an effective leader if you’re unwilling to have tough conversations from time to time. Whether you’re giving critical feedback to an underperformer or explaining why the team has been restructured, don’t avoid uncomfortable situations. It’s... read more

Leadership Tip

How to structure your team meetings better

Let’s be honest: Most meetings are a waste of time, especially if they aren’t well designed. Next time you lead a team meeting, take the time to carefully structure it so that the duration and content align with the objective: Define the work... read more

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