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How to keep your negotiation on track

We waste too much time and emotion during negotiations. We argue about items that don’t really matter and let our feelings override our logic. If you want to move a negotiation forward and advance to where you want to be: Understand the common... read more

Leadership Tip

How to motivate a slacker

Everyone has worked with someone who doesn't pull their weight. You often don't know whether to confront the person, speak to your boss, or mind your own business. If someone's slacking is not affecting your work, don’t intervene. But if your job is... read more

Leadership Tip

How to improve your reading skills

The smartest people I have met love to learn. They thrive on new ideas and read many books and articles that change and challenge their thinking. When you have strong reading abilities, you can interpret and find meaning in all that you read, and when... read more

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