Our distinctive approach to leadership consulting focuses on building outstanding leaders who are inspiring and motivating, and also highly demanding in terms of the standards and results they expect and deliver.

Our focus is to enable leaders to develop:

  • Personal purpose, direction and identity that provides a solid inner foundation in an environment of constant change and uncertainty.
  • Flexibility of approach between authority, collaboration and influence, all of which are key elements in working effectively with colleagues, customers and business partners.
  • Confidence to make timely and positive decisions in challenging circumstances.
  • A strategic approach to how they influence their business, use their time and interact with others.
  • Good levels of self awareness and emotional intelligence so they play to their strengths and are experienced as inspiring and authentic role models.
  • A positive orientation towards change, providing vision and resilience in the face of uncertainty and challenge.
  • Capability to manage performance effectively and to deliver increasingly challenging results.

We use a range of approaches and models of leadership development based on research into best practice. We create opportunities for these ideas to stimulate and provoke and act as guides for improvement.

We encourage leaders to move beyond these to develop their own models of effective leadership that meet their personal and business aspirations, and to test and refine these through active experimentation.

We work with you and your team to achieve this in a number of ways. Through leadership workshops, development programmes, one-two-one mentoring and expert facilitation, we will find the best-fit activity to achieve your goals.

Recruiting and developing your top talent:

Effective succession planning and talent management are critical to ensuring that your organisation develops its future leaders in a timely and cost effective way. Without it, your best talent are likely to leave your organisation because they feel they can develop their career more effectively elsewhere. Our POTENTIAL service helps clients improve their succession planning, talent management and leadership development processes to help them get the best out of their rising stars.

We recommend the use of psychometric testing to support mentoring and accelerate leadership development. We use the Birkman Method because we find the model of personality at work that underpins the Birkman Method to be much more effective in leadership development than other psychometric tools. Where our clients do need to hire externally because they do not have staff with the right potential already in the organisation, the Birkman Method Assessment helps them get those critical appointments right.