One of the most difficult tasks that groups face, when engaged in problem solving is not being able to see the forrest for the trees. In other words separating the problem from the background. This is where TEN can help you.

Using extensive experience, gained at some of the biggest companies in the world, TEN can facilitate your group discussion, proceeding in a series of structured steps to reach the solution:

Define the Problem: this more difficult than it first appears; problems are often hidden behind layers, akin to the rings of an onion, so getting to the root cause can be a complex affair; TEN will guide your team to the problem with skill and expertise.

Identify the solution: given the complex and interlinked nature of modern business organisations, the wrong solution could have unexpected consequences, so ‘Getting it Right First Time’ is a critical step to take.

Examine the barriers to progress: the journey from problem identification to optimum solution is littered with pitfalls, a veritable minefield; TEN’s expertise will help your team to skirt the barriers and put itself in the best position to put the solution into place.

Plan the implementation stage: TEN will help the your team to plan the steps that take the solution ‘from the board-room to the factory floor.’