Our company

Helping your organisation work

Today leading companies are dynamic and recognise no boundaries. To achieve goals people must work across functions, product lines and geographies. Technology helps, but it takes more than silicon and software to really get things done. It takes insight into the way people and organisations work. That’s where we come in. TEN is an international leadership consultancy that helps organisations align their operating model, structure, culture, leaders, teams and people capabilities to execute their business plans and transform strategies into results.

How we work

TEN has a proven and unparalleled portfolio of services that help organisations work. We don’t believe that one particular area of expertise is the magic answer. We work together with our clients to design a customised solution combining a range of service depending on what is required to make their strategies become reality. We cover all the leadership issues companies need to address today.

Building effective organisations: We help business leaders execute their strategies by making sure that their operating models and their organisations are aligned and designed to achieve their goals. We work with them to design their organisations effectively and ensure that their plans are fully implemented.

Leadership transformation: With decades of specialised research, we understand what the best leaders do. Using this insight we help our clients transform their leaders and teams to improve their organizational performance, accelerate their strategies and achieve breakthrough results.

Capability assessment: Independent, objective capability assessments are key to help our clients select which senior executives are best suited to fill critical roles in their organization. We use a disciplined and highly predictive methodology that enables our clients to precisely define leadership positions relative to the needs of their business and then rigorously evaluate candidates against chosen criteria.

Our Values

What is so inherent about your organisation that makes it invulnerable to environmental forces when you talk about examples of core values? What is the essence of your existence? What do you offer and how do customers perceive you as an entity? These and many other questions necessitate the need of core values for any organisation. Here are our ten values:

  1. Accountability: responsibility of our actions
  2. Balance: maintaining healthy life and work balance
  3. Collaboration: collaborating outside the company
  4. Commitment: commitment to great products and service
  5. Community: responsibility and contribution to society
  6. Creativity: to come up with new ideas
  7. Efficiency: being efficient and effective in our approach
  8. Fun: having fun and celebrating successes
  9. Honesty: to act with integrity in all that we do
  10. Leadership: the courage to lead from the front and shape future

Through industry-leading knowledge, we reveal unique insights and make objective recommendations to improve the way our clients’ organisations work. We have the confidence, integrity, experience and track record to speak with courage and conviction. We are committed to doing what is right for our clients. We are collaborative, disciplined and determined by nature and will do what is right to enable our clients to succeed.