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Dalglish is one of the all-time great leaders

Ian Ayre is the Managing Director of Liverpool Football Club and one of the main speakers at the TEN Annual Leadership Cruise sailing from Nice on 25th May 2011.

When asked about who are today’s great leaders says: “A leader I am close to and I admire is Kenny Dalglish, the current LFC manager. He has done a great job since he arrived at the club and he treats the team members as individuals. I believe the ability to recognise everyone’s individual needs from you as a leader is essential. We are all individuals and we all like to feel well treated. Kenny has, in a very short time, developed individual relationships with the players, recognised their individual needs and by that process brought them together as a happier and more productive team.”

The elite cruise, that Ian Ayre is promoting will set off from Nice on 25th May and will call at Elba on the Tuscany Coast and Portofino on the Italian Riviera before returning to Nice on 28th May. Guests on board Sea Cloud II have the opportunity to take part in a leadership development programme designed for the higher echelons of FTSE 250 companies.

The event is the brainchild of William Montgomery, CEO of TEN and international leadership consultant. The cruise forms a key part William’s initiative with CEOs, board members and senior executives in large corporate companies all over the world to develop their skills in business leadership.

Ian Ayre is part of the line up of speakers at the cruise, which also includes Simon Woodruff, the Founder of YO! and Sir Mark Stanhope, the First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff.

Ian says: “One of the things I am keen to do generally is pass on my knowledge and experience. I have learnt more working alongside great people than say reading a book or going on a course. Imparting knowledge and experience is a great way to prosper and develop. When you work in a high profile business like Liverpool Football Club people can relate to this as they feel it’s something they can understand.”

Ian then went on to speak about leadership and what makes a great leader: “My view is that leadership styles should be different according to what type of environment you are in. In my case, I am a democratic leader. In my role, I manage over 200 people and I like to give people autonomy. My direct reports have a great deal of autonomy and band width to carry out their roles but they are able to confide when they need to.”

“I draw inspiration from leaders who are less traditional. Bill Bygroves is an example that not everyone will have heard of. He works at our football club and heads up our community programme. He enjoys his role and deals with a very diverse community. I am always amazed by his contribution. Everybody loves this guy because he is committed, focused and dedicated and I am inspired by people like that. I don’t think a good leader has to be some iconic global figure. They can be people in your day-to-day world.”

Cabins on the leadership cruise start at just £500pp. The fee covers the cruise only and passengers will need to make their own arrangements for flights to and from Nice.

For more information visit, email or call +44 117 325 2010. For an interview with William Montgomery please contact Melissa Neill at HYPR on +44 845 347 0027 or email her at


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