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How to work your calendar to your advantage

Do you ever feel like your work calendar could use a cup of coffee? The calendar, as a business and an organisation tool, often comes to your rescue as your source of punctuality and productivity. But over the course, the schedule that once worked for you, might need a few tweaks and a revived approach. To get the most out of your calendar, try these tips:

  1. Aim to accomplish smaller tasks by the hour will help set a momentum to your workflow and you’ll get a boost of satisfaction knowing you’ve successfully completed tasks.
  2. Have you been delaying certain decisions? Experiment with your approach towards the decision-making process by changing the designated hours, or by allotting a shortened period.
  3. Set aside a few free hours every week. You can use these to complete the pending tasks.
  4. Do all your days or weeks look the same? If so, add some variety to the mix by swapping certain tasks.
  5. Meetings can overload your diary, so take a day or a few hours off from them.

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