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How to become a better you

It’s normal to feel like you could be doing more when it comes to self-improvement. But being a better you doesn’t involve being overly hard on yourself. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Here’s a few ideas to build self-improvement into your daily routine:

  1. OBSERVE. Notice everything that surrounds you. The world is full of examples, ideas, wisdom, mistakes and experience.
  2. COLLECT. Ideas and thoughts tend to evaporate from your mind too fast. Try to capture them before it’s too late, ideally by writing them down or sketching them.
  3. CHALLENGE. Pinpoint any compulsive behaviour that wreaks havoc on your life no matter how trivial it may seem, then train yourself not to yield to its force.
  4. READ. Reading is probably the best investment of time ever. Devote at least an hour per day to reading and, ideally, always have a book close to hand.
  5. WRITE. The biggest value of a good writing skill is that it cultivates the discipline of thinking. Your thoughts will cease to be random and chaotic and will gradually become more systematic and structured.
  6. ANALYSE. Before going to bed, spend 10 minutes analysing your day. Consider what things you managed to do well and what, if any, mistakes you made.

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