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How to rally the troops in a time of crisis

As a leader, what you say and how you say it matters - especially when your organisation is facing a challenge. In times like these, motivation is not about scaring employees into working harder with threats and blame, but inspiring them to work together - unified in purpose and determined to succeed. When the pressure is intense, consider the following strategies:

  1. Anchor the organisation. Focus people on what they need to do differently and why this is critical to your organisation's success. Explain the changes you want to see, and lead people to think about how they can play a role in that transformation.
  2. Model the right kind of truth-telling. Encourage employees to speak frankly, without finger-pointing. Use clear, direct language. Do not let fear or frustration creep in.
  3. Focus on the future. Explain that you want to hear ideas from everyone in the organisation on how to do things better - from complex processes to innovation. Be clear that you are open to two-way conversations.

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