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How to overcome your blind spots

We all have blind spots – otherwise known as cognitive biases – but how can we overcome weaknesses which, by definition, we’re unaware of? Start by recognising that full self-awareness lies at the core of great leadership, and take steps to remove your blinders. To counter the effects of two of the most common biases, use these tactics:

1. Confirmation bias refers to our tendency, when receiving new information, to process it in a way that it fits our pre-existing narrative about a situation or problem. It’s possible to temper it by challenging and testing your own assumptions - or by enlisting a devil’s advocate to help out.

2. Hindsight bias causes you to remember that a previous decision was simpler than it actually was, impairing your ability to draw accurate conclusions. Check your selective memory by keeping a journal and recording minutes from meetings. When you have written proof, it’s harder to rewrite the past.

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