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How to stop procrastination

If you're a chronic procrastinator, you’re familiar with the pain and stress that goes hand in hand with leaving things to the last minute. Even if you want to accomplish or finish a task, you’re likely having trouble getting started in the first place. Here are are several strategies that can help you stop procrastinating right now:

  • Embrace the one-minute rule: if anything takes less than a minute, do it now. This goes for non-work-related tasks too, like responding to easy, direct texts when you read them, or tidying your desk. Warming up with such tasks takes them off your to-do list and makes you feel productive.
  • Set tangible rewards for when you finish a task. Try to have one substantial reward per day – whatever you’re craving, be it an episode of a TV show or a sweet treat.
  • Being in a place where others are working – a library, café or co-working space – can push you to focus. Sometimes moving to a different space can help signal to yourself that it’s time to get to work.
  • Set a timer for work time and breaks. This can make your schedule seem more rigid, encouraging you to stick to it.
  • If you still need help, apps like Todoist or Any.do help keep track of time and tasks, while web blockers like SelfControl or Freedom limit time spent on certain sites.

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