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How to buy happiness

Money has little effect on happiness. Epicurus said it and modern empirical psychology confirms it. So why do we have so much trouble accepting this? One reason is that the fact that money doesn’t buy us happiness clashes with the obvious fact that it can do. We just tend to spend poorly. Here are five ways of turning cash into smiles.

  1. Buy your way out of chores you can’t or don’t want to do by hiring other people to do them for you. Start with cleaning, laundry, car repairs, sorting out your taxes and childcare.
  2. The leading source of happiness is pleasant social interaction. So spend money to get more of it without wasting hours preparing for it.
  3. If you live with others, soundproof your house. Other people’s music, TV and phone conversations are irritating and create needless conflict. Buy some solid wood doors instead.
  4. Put less effort into earning more money and more into finding a job that you find enjoyable. Look for jobs with lots of social interaction.
  5. Don’t buy things to impress the Joneses. The chances are they’re not paying attention anyway.

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