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How to avoid making bad decisions

We are all human, which means we are not immune from making bad decisions every once in a while. Although we cannot go back in time and change our choice, a big part of success is to avoid failure. Here are five reasons why we make bad decisions:

  1. We can be stupid. We like to think of ourselves as rational, but we are at the mercy of our cognitive biases. Never make important decisions while you’re tired, emotional, distracted, in a rush; while working in groups, or with authority figures.
  2. Identify the real problem. Our minds become busy with problems as they are presented; we would do better to consider what the true problem really is.
  3. Get reliable data. Do not rely on third-hand information, or indeed the news. Seek out information from someone as close to the source as possible because they have earned their knowledge and have an understanding you do not.
  4. Don’t stop learning. We all know people who make the same mistakes over and over again. Do not be that person. Reflect on your errors and how to stop repeating them.
  5. Be virtuous. We are conditioned to do what is easy over what is right – it is easier to signal virtue than to be virtuous. At work, act as you would want an employee to act if you owned the organisation.

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