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How to find your clarity

Can you believe we have reached the end of June? The end of the month, and quarter two, serves as an essential checkpoint for our lives. A new month, and quarter, helps us realise the upcoming professional and personal appointments, tasks, and, most importantly, a status report of our goals. Without doubt, clarity is an absolute prerequisite for success; however you define it. Focus is not something that comes naturally; it is a skill that must be developed. With a new month around the corner, here are some tips on how to find yours.

  1. The vision must be realistic. It is great to say you want to be number one in your market in two years, but if you have 4 percent of the market share today, no one will take your vision seriously.
  2. A defined timeframe is also necessary. Saying you want to realise your vision without a timeframe makes progress virtually impossible to measure. What you cannot measure, you cannot manage.
  3. Understand the benefits of achieving your vision. Your vision also needs to have obvious rewards for everyone who is involved in making it a reality.

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