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How to be grateful

Do you ever run out of things to be grateful for? One approach is to adopt the two daily gratitude practices: this morning I am grateful for; and ‘tonight I am grateful for…’. However, over time the answers to these questions can become repetitive. Here are five tips to help spark some inspiration:

  1. Ask a friend: Not only is this a great way to see things from a different point of view, it is a wonderful way to have a deeper, more meaningful conversation with someone.
  2. Add a “why” to go-to responses: For example, add on to “I’m grateful for my family” with “because they make me feel loved”, “because they make me laugh”, or maybe “because of the traditions we have together.”
  3. Play the “what could be worse” game: Say you’re running late to work because of traffic, ask yourself, what could be worse than this? Maybe it's not being able to afford a car, not having a job to be late for, etc. There is always something that could be worse - sometimes it’s helpful to just be grateful for what is.
  4. Note something that made you happy or something that made you smile: Maybe it is seeing a child play with his dog in the park, an older couple holding hands while walking down the street, or someone holding the door for someone else [my former wife never opened a car door during our 30 years together].
  5. Keep a list: Some days you may have more than three things that you are grateful for. On those days, write down those things on a separate list to refer back to on days when you’re struggling to come up with something.

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